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How VoIP Telephony Can Make Working From Home Easier During The COVID-19 Crisis

Felix Serrano - May 4, 2020 - 0 comments

As you wade through the midst of what Time calls “the world’s largest work-from-home experiment,” thousands of businesses are trying to figure out how to stay operational in a virtual world.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has affected businesses everywhere around the world, forcing a lot of us to work from home. Whether you ended the 5th Zoom call this week frustrated with the voice quality or struggled to talk to your loved ones over poor internet service; there’s a solution to end your worries.

We can all agree that under better circumstances, employers and their employees would have developed a plan for how best to work remotely before taking the plunge. However, whether you’re suddenly managing a remote team or are refining your own remote workflow, there are plenty of ways to work from home and be successful.

Let’s begin with changing your world over the best VoIP phone service available in Port & South Melbourne!

What is VoIP Phone Service you ask?

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony is an emerging technology that makes it possible to dial and accept phone calls via the Internet. The main advantage of using a VoIP service is that it can be a lot cheaper than regular landlines, especially for calling overseas. It’s like using FaceTime but better!

Before we glance at how VoIP has revolutionised telecommunication, it’s important to know that the essential concept of making a call has not changed. When using VoIP, you can simply pick up a phone and dial a number. The same is true for receiving a call.

Also, many of the features with which we are accustomed still work with VoIP telephony. Voicemail, putting a call on hold, forwarding calls to a substitute number, and IVR systems are all possible on VoIP. It also provides much clearer sound, especially on a high-speed fibre optic line. And, if a bunch of individuals in your household need to make calls at the same time, it is a better option than forking out on installing multiple phone lines.

On the contrary, your call quality on VoIP can be affected by the state of your broadband line – slow internet means rubbish phone calls. That said, so long as you’re using a fibre optic line as fast as Four G Telecom’s, all should be okay. And that is how we can help you with the best VoIP service.

Okay, but what’s a compelling reason to switch to VoIP?

A recent McCrindle Research survey reported 55% of Australians being slightly or significantly more productive getting their work done from home than in an office environment. On top of that, imagine the increase in productivity when you’re provided with the best VoIP service!

Let’s look at 3 aspects which can make your forced work from home situation a fruitful one.

1. Innovative Call Handling

VoIP offers traditional call handling options like putting callers on hold, transferring calls or forwarding them to voicemail. However, users can even have access to more innovative features. If someone has multiple devices, they are able to configure incoming calls to ring all of them directly. They can even have the system ring those devices one by one until they answer. No one has to miss a call because they’re away from their work from home desk for a moment! Whereas traditional phone systems require a unique number to be assigned to each line, VoIP makes a huge impact on your mobility and productivity. With VoIP, you can easily access the landline number from your mobile and not worry about having to share your mobile number with other people.

2. Conference Calls

FG Telecom’s VoIP services include conference calling in all the plans. Conference calls can be an audio-only, video or a combination of both. Sometimes participants won’t have a camera so only a couple of employees can join the video feed. Employees can convert a daily call into a three-way group call or set up meetings with a number of participants.

Conference calling is a boon for remote workers. They no longer need to come into the office to meet project teams, clients, supervisors, and other stakeholders. It makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues who may be in another state or even country.

3. Advanced Voicemail Tools

There is not much you can do with traditional voicemail – you can leave a message and retrieve messages that others have left for you. Voicemail on our VoIP service is much more sophisticated. For one thing, we offer voicemail and email integration. Users can set up their voicemail so that messages are sent directly to your inbox, along with a copy of the original recording. Your content can also be automatically transcribed so employees don’t have to listen to voicemails in a noisy environment.

Users can reply to voicemails from within your inbox or return calls using the softphone app on the desktop. They can check their voicemail inbox from any Internet-connected device, not just the IP phone. All this means that workers can retrieve voicemails on their schedule and prevent them from interrupting other tasks.

So, if someone suggested one change that would save your company money, increase productivity, lower employee turnover, and result in happier, less distracted workers, you would definitely want to hear more about it, right? As we move forward in 2020 together and adjust to a larger remote workforce in the wake of a pandemic, let us help you make that change easily. Switch to the best VoIP phone services for businesses with an ever-helpful assistance team.

Hear it from our recent customer, Ellie Faulkner of EMM Consulting Pvt Ltd:

“We have only recently joined with Four G Telecom and have had a fantastic experience with them to date. The support staff and the team at Four G have been outstanding with the level of service they provide, assisting to our every need and welcoming us as new customers with open arms.”

Give us a call on +61 3 9993 0435 to make a smooth work from home transition with the best VoIP phone service. Let’s connect and get you connected!