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Note from the CEO

Dear valued customer,

On behalf of the team, thank you for visiting our site. I hope it brings you an insight into what makes FG Telecom unique in the telecommunications market.

While large network providers may seek to secure your business with a “jack of all trades” approach, FG Telecom specialises in fibre internet and related products. Our company vision is to pioneer change in the telco space by offering the consumer an alternative to the large service providers; a superior fibre network backed by truly customer focussed service, at an affordable price.

Our strategy to achieve this is twofold; cutting edge technology supported by outstanding customer service.

  • Technology – We offer our customers the latest in telecommunication innovations by ensuring we have our finger on the pulse of market trends and technology advancements
  • Customer Service – consistently excellent service thanks to our enthusiastic and engaged team members, our investment in training, and a supportive and collaborative working environment

With our strategic objectives working hand in hand with our corporate values to achieve our vision, we at FG Telecom believe in building strong relationships with our clients and our employees today, to enjoy success together tomorrow.

Though we continue to grow as a company, at the core, our philosophy remains the same. We seek not to be the biggest, but the best at what we do.

I’d like to express my sincere appreciation to you, our valued customer, and to an outstanding team I’m incredibly proud to be a part of.

Dev Oza

CEO and Sales Director


Technology is constantly evolving, and at FG Telecom, we make sure we we're one step ahead. Our products and services are designed to adapt as technology advances, with the flexibility to scale up with the changing needs of your business.


We stand behind our network service; in fact, we guarantee it. All FG Telecom products and services are backed by a performance and uptime guarantee.


Whether you're chatting with our sales team or you're in need of service support, you'll always be speaking to a real person. Your satisfaction is our priority, and FG Telecom's friendly team are available to help when you need them.


Our independent network infrastructure utilises the latest fibre optic technology to deliver a faster, safer and more stable signal than traditional fixed line networks.